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To apply for an internship, become a production assistant (Entry-Level), Part-Time, Full-Time, casting, modeling, voice-over, or to become an On-Air Broadcast personality at 4KUniverse Network, please submit a cover letter and resume to:


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Become an Entry-Level Virtual Production Assistant (PA) 


College Internship with 4KUniverse Network. They receive college credit, an evaluation, merch, real-world entertainment experience and receive a stipend upon completion of the 3 month internship. Students in the past were either attending college in California or made arrangements for housing if attending a college outside of the state.


Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

(Updated Monthly)

Executive Assistant to the CEO #2

All hands on deck. 

Vault Coordinator

Create a cloud vault filling system for 4KUniverse programming across many codecs. Must have experience with 4K file formats, encoding, transcoding and Final Cut Pro X.

International Sales Manager

Exhibit at International Markets, manage international distribution, and form new buyer relationships.

Vice President, Global Distribution

Exhibit at International Markets, oversee international distribution, and form new buyer relationships. 10+ years of experience required.

4KUniverse Logistics Streamliner 

The logistical master of the company.

Step by Step Veg Personal Assistant

All hands on deck. 

Talent Coordinator

Help with on-Air talent arrangements, scheduling, and bookings.


For 4KUniverse Multiverse movies and the King Matthew blockbusters.

Storyboard Artist

Design sketches and storyboards for new characters.

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Supervise all day-to-day departmental and business functions.

► Spearhead development, production, content acquisition, & channel launches. 

► Engineer alliances with OTT/mobile device providers and smart TV manufacturers.

► Serve as executive-in-charge of production, supervise budgets, cast and crew, scheduling, logistics, editing and delivery of program materials to 4KUniverse Network for airing. 


Global Distribution

4KUniverse Entertainment

Marketing / Advertising

Public Relations

Talent Relations

4KUniverse Parks & Consumer Products 


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